Puductor I - Disinfection Fogging

Puductor I - Disinfection Fogging

Disinfection fogging robot modified from Pudubot Plus L.


Puductor I is an intelligent indoor disinfection robot. It disinfects indoor spaces autonomously, even at places with high population density. The robot's positioning and navigating technologies are built based on multi-sensor technology.


The robust sterilisation module (Disinfection Module) in-built can fully remove harmful indoor microorganisms in an area of 600m^2 in a single session. The disinfectant can be used for up to 10 hours without having to refill the 23.8L tank. The disinfectant is atomised using ultrasonic atomisation technology to create a 5m x 15m dry mist particle diffusion. Equipped with a high-performance disinfectant atomisation module, the atomisation rate can hit up to 2000mL/h to rapidly disinfect indoor air.


The disinfection route and length are individually designed to cover the environmental space completely, and the disinfection criteria are intelligently evaluated according to the usage scenarios. Puductor I can achieve a 6log-level disinfection effect by combining the new-generation PUDU SLAM proprietary positioning and navigation solution with a high-performance atomisation module, significantly improving the protection of environmental sanitation.


The Puductor I also comes with an advanced 3D obstacle avoidance solution. It uses 2 x INTEL REALSENSE RGDB sensors to detect obstacles. When confronted with an obstacle, it will come to a halt and avoid it. The object detection minimum height is 20cm, with a frequency rate of up to 5400 times per minute. Front detection angle up to 192.64 degrees and a range exceeding 10m, and an independent suspension system that deals with a variety of road bumps with ease.


The Puductor I can be converted to a delivery robot conveniently.



Package Dimension: 584*604*12958mm
Weight: 61Kg(Fully Loaded) | 37Kg(No Load)
Gross Weight: 54Kg(With Carton) | 77Kg(With Wooden Box)
Machine Size: 516*500*1288mm
Charging Time: 4.5 Hours
Battery Life: 4H
Speed: 0.5-1.2m/s Adjustable
Material: ABS/Aviation-grade aluminum alloy

Disinfection module
Noise: <36db

Size of Tank: 310x250x620mm

Volume of Tank: 23.8L

Atomisation Speed: 2000mL/h

Water Lack Protection: Yes