About Us - The Best of Robotic Technology

Founded in 2018, Ourglass Robotics's vision is to transform the dining experience in Singapore with the latest robotic technology, making both diners and F&B businesses happy.


Our range of service robots includes waiter robot, plate return robot, disinfection robot and cleaning robot. We also offer customisable robots that can be catered to your business's requirements to help increase productivity and operational efficiency. 


Awarded as an exclusive reseller of Pudubot, our expertise in robotics technology provides you peace of mind for the deployment and onsite technical support of the service robots. All you have to take care of will be increasing profitability for your business. Our mission is to deliver the best of innovative robotic technology to our customers, rising to be one of the top robotics companies worldwide.

Ourglass Robotics Founder


William Dai, CEO of Ourglass Robotics, has over 10 years of sales experience in B2B technology solutions. He holds a vast knowledge in business processes and workflows. This helps him better understand the real challenges business owners face, and he firmly believes those challenges can be resolved with robotic technology.