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Serve Food Faster with Robot Waiter

Make customers happier with shorter wait time


Our customers see an average increase of 20% in productivity with the adoption of our restaurant robot solutions. The common uses of our restaurant service robots include welcoming customers into the restaurant, serving food from the kitchen to the customers, and returning empty plates to the washing area. To overcome manpower challenges and high labour costs, all of our service robots can be implemented to play different roles in a restaurant, improving service efficiency.


Due to the manpower crunch, Shin Minori finds it challenging to hire local servers. As the restaurant has over 200 items on their ala-carte buffet menu, existing servers were making countless trips to the kitchen, causing exhaustion. To alleviate the situation, they hired waiter robots (Loco and Loca) to take over the workload of sending food from the kitchen to the customers. This gives servers more time to interact with diners, bringing dining experience to the next level. 


PuduBot 2_Restaurant_China_with drinks.jpg

Tackle High Labour Cost
Our service robot costs just half of a server's monthly pay. With them in place, you can reduce the number of servers by assigning tasks such as sending food from the kitchen to the customers and returning empty plates to the washing area without hiring extra human resources. 

Reduce Customer Wait Time

As more people are dining in restaurants post-pandemic, the average wait time has increased. Our service robots help increase efficiency by an average of 3 times, taking the load off service staff. Servers get to focus on more important tasks, making customers happier. 


Decrease Servers Burnout

Due to the tiring nature of the F&B industry, lesser workers are available. This increases the workload for existing servers, subjecting them to burnout. With the help of service robots, servers get to reduce their walking by up to 80%.  

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