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Customer Success: Cabana in Singapore Swimming Club

The Cabana is a family-friendly alfresco dining place open only to members of the Singapore Swimming Club. They serve a delicious variety of delights and is a popular place for members to have a nice afternoon lunch or to wind down for drinks at their bar after a long day at work. 


Accommodating up to 200 guests, the Cabana is delightfully spacious and also offers an indoor kitchen menu located at the neighbouring "The Palms" restaurant — offering customers the best possible experience. 

However, this means that service staff would have to work extra hard in making sure that all their customer's needs are being attended to. At the same time, having to travel back and forth from the indoor kitchen to the outdoor Cabana makes the job physically demanding. 

How we helped

Our cute and friendly BellaBot was introduced to the restaurant and was even affectionately nicknamed "Venus". 

The multi-purpose robot helps the service staff in delivering food from "The Palms" restaurant to the Cabana quickly, safely and efficiently. It ensures that the food served to customers is warm and fresh.


More importantly, staff would not need to make the 100m journey back and forth to collect food, they can remain focused on providing the best customer service experience to their guests. 


Many of the guests at Cabana are families with children and they were delighted to see the cute and friendly BellaBot. 

"For the members, they are very happy to see the robot, and they are playful towards it," said senior supervisor, Arlene.

Arlene also added how she felt the robot is "considered as one of our staff" as it plays a role that was previously filled by a staff that had to constantly collect the food from "The Palms" restaurant.


"Service staff are really appreciative of robot Venus as it helps us in bringing the food and cuts waiting time for customers' food to arrive at their table," said stewarding manager, Michael Vincent.


"Ourglass Robotics is doing a magnificent job and the robots are working quite well. They know their routes and go the destinated station as "instructed" by servers through the touch screen."

— Mr. Michael Vincent, Stewarding Manager of the Cabana


"Since we don't have enough manpower, robot Venus has been very helpful. We can focus on taking orders instead of running to get things from the kitchen."

— Arline, Senior Supervisor at the Cabana

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