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Customer Success: Chutney Mary

Changi Airport Terminal 2 is the home to authentic Indian delights restaurant, Chutney Mary. Offering an impressive selection of street food from different parts of India such as a variety of Chaats, Dosa, traditional desserts and many more. 


The dining experience at Chutney Mary is best enjoyed by ordering a variety of dishes that comes in generous serving portions to share with friends and family. 

The service staff would then usually have to deliver a large volume of plates that comes freshly made and hot from the kitchen to the guest's table. Alongside a shortage of manpower throughout in the industry, this could be a safety issue as the service staff would be overworked and have a higher chance of accidents such as dropping the plates or falling down.

How we helped

Our latest PuduBot 2 was introduced to meet the needs of the restaurant.


It is equipped with the latest intelligent food delivery technology such as the most advanced obstacle avoidance technology, upgraded chassis for a smoother delivery and capacity to carry a heavier load. 


The helpful waiter robot helps the service staff to carry the many plates of food and deliver it directly to the customer's table and back to the kitchen for dish-washing. It ensures food is served safely to customers in a fast and efficient manner. 

Most importantly, the service staff at Chutney Mary can rest assure that their food delivery needs are well taken care of and they can focus on the other service aspects


The addition of the waiter robots helps service staff and restaurant manager to feel assured.

"First of all it's safety, when my staff is carrying 4 or 5 plates in one hand, they might fall down. So when I put the food in the robot instead it helps to make the delivery safe for the staff and the customers" said Mr. Mohan, the senior manager of Chutney Mary Singapore. 

It also added an entertainment factor for the guests looking at this new technology. "When the customer sees the robot, they're really happy and they like to take the picture along with them." added Mr. Mohan. 


"Ourglass Robotics are serving us very well. So far there is no issues with the service robots, and if there are issues, I trust that the hotlines will reply immediately. "

— Mr. Mohan, Senior Manager of Chutney Mary


"It's very good actually. The robot is efficient in delivering food in bulk quantity to the tables and helping us to return used dishes to the kitchen."

— Khushal, Manager of Chutney Mary at Changi Airport Terminal 2

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