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Customer Success: Passion Cafe @ NSRCC

Located at Level 1 of the National Service Resort & Country (NSRCC), the Passion Cafe is a beautiful casual al-fresco dining spot that serves a variety of local, Cantonese and Western delights. It overlooks the golf course that features a water landscape, making it a relaxing spot for customers to enjoy.


Passion Cafe is a very spacious restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating for their guests to enjoy and being a restaurant with a very large seating capacity and space requires a constantly running manpower that delivers, serves and take orders from guests.

Given its size, it could be especially taxing for their service staff to walk to-and-fro constantly throughout service. "Before we have the robot, we have to walk every table to serve the food" 

"Before we have the robot, we have to walk every table to serve the food."


"Before we have te robot, we have to walk every table to serve the food. But now, the robot will help us to do all the job" said Tahm, service crew at Passion Cafe @ NSRCC. 


Located in a hotel, Jia Wei is a nice casual restaurant that accommodates to the public and the hotel guests ranging from small to large family sizes, and even has 3 dining rooms for private gatherings. 

Being a Chinese restaurant that serves family-sharing food, it is expected that many plates, cutleries & dishes will be served for their guests to enjoy. This would mean that service staff would have to walk to and fro the kitchen to serve its guests. 

“Labour shortage is one of the key problems. So Ourglass Robotics gives us a supporting manpower to service our guests, especially on days where we are fully booked and a lot of manpower is needed.” said Robert Tan, the F&B Director at Grand Mercure Roxy. 

How we helped

Our efficient & help PuduBot was introduced to help the staff of Jia Wei (家味) restaurant to deliver food to customer’s tables, in a safe & efficient manner. Aside from providing a helping hand to the service, it has also became part of the entertainment for guests. 

“It’s quite special in providing our guests an experience. When customers see the robots, they like to take picture and wave - every customer is delighted to see this (the robots)” said Jeanie Shao, F&B Executive for Jia Wei (家味) restaurant.

Ronnie Kua, a regular customer of Jia Wei (家味) restaurant also added how the waiter robot “serves a lot of things and I don’t see any spillage. I think it’s a very good substitute for service”. 


The servers were thrilled to have the addition of a new colleague, as it helps them to reduce the physical labor so that they can focus on providing service with a nice human touch. 


Overall, our service robot has helped Jia Wei (家味) restaurant maintained its service standard amidst a growing manpower shortage so that it can continue to serve its quality dishes with a beautiful presentation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

"One of the key points that I have to highlight is the Waiter Robots offer a very effective spare hand to our service staff"

— Robert Tan, F&B Director of Grand Mercure Roxy


"When we don't have enough manpower, especially when the restaurant is busy. The waiter robot really helps us to deliver the food efficiently"

— Jeanie Shao, F&B Executive of Jia Wei

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