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Customer Success: PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Singapore is a luxury hotel and Singapore's first 'Garden-in-a-Hotel' that champions sustainability, environmental responsibility and advocate for green innovations in the hospitality industry. 

The hotel offers guests a stunning view of the city skyline and is home to Southeast Asia's largest indoor sky-lit atrium containing over 2,400 plants, trees, shrubs and groundcovers from more than 60 varieties of flora spread across 1,400 square metres of space throughout.

Its commitment to sustainability and climate action is seen from its delivery of guest experiences through the use of Ourglass Robotics' waiter robots, solar panels for renewable energy, filtered water system in all guestrooms and glass bottles the eliminates plastic waste, as well as its farm-to-table, farm-to-bar, and farm-to-spa concepts.

There is also a wide range of amazing dining options, from award-winning Peach Blossoms to international buffet Peppermint and the Portman's Bar which serves cocktails and over 90 variations of whiskies.


The food menu at Portman's Bar is cooked and prepared by Peppermint. This requires associates to walk about 100m or a 2-minutes walk across the hotel lobby for a single trip.

This can be taxing on the associates, having to do it for every order throughout the day and it might take multiples trips for an order since they are limited to carry only 1 plate on each hand. There is also a risk in falling or dropping the plates of food, since they are walking through a common area.

How we helped

Our BellaBot and HolaBot were introduced to help the associates with clearing soiled dishes and delivering food from Peppermint to Portman's Bar. 

The dynamic duo has helped to deliver freshly prepared dishes from Peppermint's kitchen to hungry guests at Portman's Bar and return soiled plates to the stewarding area. 

This helped to eliminate about seven hours of delivery time each day, allowing the associates to be more productive and to focus on attending to the guests' need while minimizing service delays.


The addition of the waiter robots has helped the hotel to increase productivity. 

"The service robots help to optimize our manning, helps to improve our productivity so that our associates are doing more guest oriented tasks rather than running around bussing and delivering food" said Ms. Elaine, Director of Marketing Communications & Sustainability of PARKROYAL Collection Marina Bay, Singapore.

"Because of the distance of the kitchen to the service area, the robot actually helps us to reduce waiting time and brings up the productivity of the service staff" said Food and Beverage Manager, Ms. Ashley Lin. 


"Our guests have actually complimented us on being innovative, open to embrace technology to improve our productivity. I think it's fantastic"

— Ms. Elaine Chan, Director of Marketing and Sustainability


"Since the robot is automatically mapped, it helps us to reduce breakages and allows us to focus more on service"

— Ms. Ashley Lin, Food and Beverage Manager

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