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Customer Success: Rasa Rasa Yishun

Rasa Rasa is a coffeeshop style family restaurant that serves tasty halal food including Tze Char, Seafood, Western, Chicken/Duck Rice and a Beverage Stall all under one roof. 

With a focus on being a get-together place, it offers a casual and relaxed outdoor concept that offers a large space seating up to 200 diners.


Rasa Rasa focuses on providing a quality customer service experience, so food is delivered directly to customer's tables as compared to a traditional coffeeshop where customers have to wait at the stall and carry their own food.

Ordering many plates of food for sharing is expected of a family-focused coffeeshop, on top of the delicious food made fresh and hot, service staff is expected to make multiple trips to-and-fro delivering food to customer's tables. 

Along with a shortage of manpower in the service industry, this can be a safety issue as the service staff would be overwhelmed with work and have a higher chance of mishaps such as dropping the plates of food or slip and fall.

How we helped

The PuduBot was introduced to the coffeeshop to meet its service demands. 

It helps the service staff to deliver piping hot foods in large volume from the kitchen of each of its stalls, directly to the many customer tables that are in the coffeeshop. 

With advanced mapping, LiDAR sesnors and intelligent food delivery technology, the robot is able to manoeuvre even in tight spaces of the coffeeshop and safely thanks to its advanced obstacle avoidance features. 

This has allowed the service staff to work more productively and focus on the other aspects of service such as clearing tables, preparation of delivery orders and condiments. 


Our waiter robots has helped the coffeeshop to increase its overall productivity and has been a wonderful attraction to family guests. 

"Having this robot is actually very convenient for us because its reduces the workload of staff and waiters having to forth and back customer's tables" said Manager of Rasa Rasa Yishun, Ms. Dila.

"Customers are very attracted to the robot because it has songs that plays when sending the food. It also attracts new customers to come because when they visit, they will take photos and videos to post on their social media" said Assistant Supervisor, Ms. Azee.


"It has been fun for families with kids to come to the coffeeshop as they are attracted to the robots"

— Ms. Dila, Manager of Rasa Rasa Yishun


"Since we have 3 main jobs of taking order, cleaning tables and serving food. The PuduBot has been very helpful in minimizing our workload"

— Ms. Azee, Assistant Supervisor of Rasa Rasa Yishun

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