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Customer Success: Spring Court

Established in 1929 at the Great World Park, Spring Court is Singapore's oldest family-run restaurant that has found its way to its home now at Upper Cross Street. With many years of experience behind its back, the restaurant is reputed to be one of the best places to try traditional Singaporean cuisine. 


Being in a 4-storey heritage shophouse, with a seating capacity of 650 seats - it's not a surprise that the service staff would have to walk quite a distance everyday to ensure that they meet the highest standard of service to satisfy every customers.


This makes the job physically demanding. Coupled with a rising manpower shortage, it puts a strain on their service staff and affects the service expectations of a highly-reviewed restaurant. 

How we helped

Our PuduBot was introduced, offering an autonomous food delivery service that compliments the service staff to improve overall efficiency.


Being a multi-purpose robot that helped them in delivering food, and also returning dishes in a large capacity. This cuts down the need for the service staff to be travelling back and forth the restaurant, as fixed destination points are set from the kitchen to the main dining hall. 

The robot also runs as long as it is charged, and would never get tired. Since there is a 3-hour break between lunch and dinner, the time is sufficient for the robot to recharge and be ready for their next service. 


Customers and servers were delighted to have the addition of a new colleague. It helped them to reduce the amount of distance they walked every day so they could focus on more human interaction.

"Having a waiter robot is like having an extra manpower, our service staff can perform more effectively and attend to customer's requests whenever they need," said server, Hui Lan.

The addition of a waiter robot also provided an entertainment factor for customers, as "when it walks past the customers, they will smile at the robot and is amused by their intelligence," added manging director, Mdm Soon.


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"I am very satisfied with Ourglass. Whatever maintenance needs we have, Ourglass will service us immediately which is very good."

— Mdm Soon, Managing Director of Spring Court

"Having waiter robots help us to curb the manpower shortage and help our staff perform more effectively to provide a better customer experience"

— Hui Lan, Waitress at Spring Court

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