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Customer Success: Sum Kee Food

Started in 2002 in Indonesia, Batam, and eventually moving back to Singapore with 2 outlets in Telok Blangah and Jurong. Sum Kee Food is a local restaurant that serves zhi char and dim sum dishes, and is loved by many local Singaporeans for its Curry Fish Head, Ultraman Chicken and Braised London Duck.


Sum Kee Food is a restaurant that has a generous size of approximately 2,000 square feet, with a uniquely long stretch. Service staff would have to walk back and forth tirelessly to fulfil the many customer requests and delivery of food; this made their employees exhausted.

This is especially tiring for their service staff since their restaurant concept – dim sum and zhi char sees dishes coming in at large volumes and on several plates. There was a risk of staff fumbling and falling, as well as injuries as their food is served piping hot.

How we helped

Since Sum Kee Food has a very long restaurant space and has food that comes out piping out, we introduced them to delivery robots with the use of our PuduBot.


The intelligent PuduBot identifies obstacles coming its way and avoids them. It also has a large tray volume.  This helps to reduce the need for their service staff to make multiple trips back to the kitchen for a single order and allows them focus on interacting with customers and providing a better customer experience. 

"In all ways, this is an extra helping hand in the sense that it performs non-stop. You know while the robot is coming, the waiter and waitress will be able to talk to the customers. This improves the customer relationship" - CM Sum, Owner of Sum Kee Restaurant. 



The servers was satisfied with the help of an additional helping hand with the robot waiters as it helped them to improve safety as it helps them to deliver the food. "The waiter robot has helped us a lot especially in helping us carry hot plates safely" said Sharon, Waitress at Sum Kee Food. 

She added that the waiter robots had a user-friendly interface and she liked how "It's very easy to use as you only need to press a few buttons"



"It is an extra helping hand, they perform nonstop. This allows our service staff to focus on providing customer service such as interacting or conversing with our customers."

— CM Sum, Owner of Sum Kee Food


"The waiter robots have a large capacity to carry a large volume of dishes at once, and it reduces the walking distance. It's very safe and easy to use"

— Sharon, Waitress at Sum Kee Food

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