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Dine and Discover Waiter Robots

To wrap up 2021 on a positive note, we held our last event of the year - Dine and Discover Waiter Robots - at the Straits Chinese Esplanade. We want to thank all attendees for taking time off to join the event where we showcased our waiter robots at our customer's place for the very FIRST time.

Dine and Discover Waiter Robots - Thanks for coming!

The Straits Chinese is well-known for its authentic Nonya dishes. However, they were facing manpower challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Seeing the success of our customers through our Instagram, the Straits Chinese reached out to us and shared their challenges. We then applied our expertise in helping them resolve their challenges with our waiter robots. Watch the video below to see how our robot waiters have helped the Straits Chinese.

The presence of the other restauranteurs at our event tells us that many F&B businesses are facing similar challenges. And we believe it was the best opportunity for them to see how our waiter robots are being deployed and experience how it feels to be served by a waiter robot.

The adoption of smart restaurant technology is no longer just a trend; it's become mainstream, and it's reshaping customers' behaviour. Thanks to Apple and Google for their smart technologies and devices, staying relevant is the only way to meet customers' dining expectations - taking dining experience up a notch with robotic technology.

We want to thank our partners: Pudu Robotics, SGBono and Amrich, for putting this event together. Just as importantly, our customer - Straits Chinese - for giving us the opportunity to showcase their success with the other restauranteurs. If you missed this event, request for a demo, and we will arrange for a customised session just for your restaurant.

Shout-out: Get a $50 Straits Chinese dining voucher by leaving a Google review for both the Straits Chinese and Ourglass Robotics. Check out the instructions below!

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