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Everything You Need to Know About Our PuduBot 2 Launch Event

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

We have officially launched PuduBot 2 in Singapore and received an overwhelming response. Over 50 customers from the F&B, hospitality and manufacturing industries joined our launch event on 15 September 2022 and witnessed the power of PuduBot 2 live in person at the Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy. Smarter, faster and more robust, the PuduBot 2 features a range of upgrades, offering better environment adaptability, more powerful sensors, higher battery power capacity, and increased stability to the very successful first-generation PuduBot.

PuduBot 2 Launch Event at Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy

We kickstarted the event with our CEO, William Dai, sharing Ourglass's journey and vision. From waiter robot, plate/tray return robot to disinfection robot, William shared how our service robots are now found not just in restaurants but also at industrial facilities, leisure and entertainment venues, retail stores, supermarkets and more. The key message is that service robots are here to assist humans in performing their job better and not to replace them.

William Dai, CEO of Ourglass

Next, Benjamin Yang, CEO of Novitee, shared how F&B business owners have been leveraging Novitee's industry-proven technology to accelerate their growth and increase sales. Covering both front-of-house and back-of-house operations, restauranteurs enjoy valuable management insights and analytics from Novitee's food services technology platform, enabling them to manage their F&B business more efficiently.

Not forgetting the rising cost involved in technology adoption, we also addressed how companies can tap into government funding - Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF). Consisting of 5 different grants, the EEF supports businesses with industrial facilities to improve energy efficiency and at the same time, reduce energy costs and carbon footprint.

During the tea break and networking session, the guests were presented with our own in-house TOP sealing solution capable of producing 540 seals per hour. The compact sealing machine ensures the freshness of frozen ingredients and hot/cold ready-to-eat meals, ensuring the safety and freshness of food for safe consumption.

Teabreak and Networking

After the tea break, we demonstrated the usage of PuduBot2 and the other service robots. With the new fusing laser and visual positioning navigation technology, the deployment time of PuduBot 2 can be cut by 75% without having to redesign environments. Besides, users can use an intuitive toolkit to design mapping paths and directions of their mobile robot fleets and keep track of each robot's whereabouts at all times by using the smartwatch app. During the event, our customers shared with us that they were amazed by how the robots could work with one another, calibrating the best path through the shared network.

Demostration of Ourglass Service Robots
Ourglass Team

If you have missed the event and would like to see how the PuduBot 2 works, request for a trial now!

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