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How Does Robot Help In Fighting Against The Novel Coronavirus Battle?

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

"The human race is locked in a battle against something five million times smaller than us. The novel coronavirus that has emerged from the Wuhan in China has gone from an unknown enemy to feared worldwide, in a matter of months" - BBC.

Pudubot is a well-known waiter robot brand from China, it was currently deployed in 3000 F&B outlets across 100 cities worldwide. Widely recognised by the major brands such as Haidilao海底捞, Wai Po Jia 外婆家, Xiabu Xiabu呷哺呷哺, JD Restaurant etc.

As the virus continues to spread around the world, cutting down the physical touch with the confirmed patients became extremely critical. Infectious disease like Novel Coronavirus can be transmitted to another person by air or physical touch. Therefore, hospitals in China has started to use Pudubot to deliver food and drugs. Without human touch, the food and drugs can be easily delivered to the patient, and the patient does not need to touch the robot to send it back.

With this method, we can tremendously reduce the chance of infection within the quarantined premises.

Why We Don't Use Compartment?

1. If we use compartments, the patient needs to touch the robot and cause higher chance of leaving the virus on the robot.

2. Compartment is more difficult to sanitise, virus may hide somewhere.

3. It's more difficult to deploy even though it is more efficient to deliver to more places at one go, however, the priority is the safety at this point of time, the open concept has least risk of infection.

4. Longer time to deploy and more chance to infection the deployment engineer.

Use Cases

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