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Pay your waiter/waitress $800 a month?

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

How much would you like to pay your waiters and waitresses a month? It's a difficult question, because you need to ensure that they are satisfied with the pay, so that they are happy to work with you, motivated and fully committed.

According to's last update in Jan 2019, a waiter or waitress is drawing S$15,031-30,913 annually, which works out to be S$1,252-2,576 monthly. The average pay for a waiter/waitress in Singapore is S$20,299 per year, or S$1,691 per month. The cost doesn't look very high comparing with the other industries, but don't forget that Singaporean would not be interested in such a low salary, especially the younger generations. Then where do we get the manpower? The answer is foreigners, however, the government wishes us to hire local people first, even though local doesn't want to do such job! So the foreign worker's Levi has to be applied. Usually it will cost minimum S$450 per month. If you are paying the average salary to your foreign staffs, you end up paying more than S$2,000 per month!

Lots of restaurant owners are struggling between high cost and short of manpower.

Today, we are offering a package that allow the restaurant owners to only spend S$800 a month to solve that manpower issue. We use robots.

Autonomous robot with the latest technology allows the restaurant owners to take full control of the day to day manpower requirement. With minimum human intervention, the robot is able to deliver the food to the table accurately and safely. On average 150 deliveries and 300 dishes per day, equivalent to 1 to 1.5 runners' job. By automating the delivery process, the restaurant owners can deploy lesser manpower for heavy duty works, and lesser reliance on runners. Waiters and waitresses are not meant to be replaced because they are service crew, and without having to do the heavy duty and repetitive works, they can spend more time and energy to provide better services and interact with customers.

This robotic delivery system is easy to set up, and as a robotic company, we will take care of all the implementation work and train your staffs on how to use the robot. We cover the first year warranty, and option to renew the subsequent year warranty at a cost. This will ensure you a low downtime operation.

EDG grant will potentially offer up to 50% reimbursement to the eligible businesses subject to approval, we also work with credit companies which may support you with a short term loan, so that you may have lesser upfront cash-flow burden, and turn the capital expenses into operational expenses. Eventually, you will reduce 1 manpower with one robot at approx. S$800 per month or reduce 2-3 manpower with two robots at S$1,600 per month. As a result, improved productivity by 20-25% and reduced operating cost by S$57,600 in two years.

Please feel free to email us at or call 9140 7235 for more information.

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