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Robot Waiters Join the Team at Tim Ho Wan

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

As part of its digitalization journey to deal with manpower shortages, Tim Ho Wan welcomes robot waiters at its restaurants — MBS and Westgate. Since the restaurant set foot in Singapore 9 years ago, Tim Ho Wan has been building its brand based on its handmade Michellin-grade dim sum and customer-first culture — delivered by a pool of experienced employees. However, Tim Ho Wan faces a reduction of its workforce due to the nature of the F&B industry; employees were exhausted due to the long working hours, contributing to the increase in workplace injuries.

70-Year-Old Server Fiona Gets More Rest with Robot Waiters Around

Christopher Ho, Senior Manager of Tim Ho Wan said, "We struggled a little due to the shortage of manpower but after getting robot waiters on board, we managed to retain more mature servers like Fiona who is already 70 years old." The average size of a Tim Ho Wan restaurant is around one-third of the size of a football field; given its size, servers walk up to 60km a day, sending dishes from the kitchen to customers' tables. With robot waiters' assistance, Fiona gets more rest and gets to focus on fulfilling other requests by customers.

Up to Five Man Hours Saved Daily Thanks to Automation

From the transformation of the ordering process to deploying robot waiters, Tim Ho Wan saves up to five man-hours daily. Productivity increased after the redesign of the restaurant workflow, and in the long run, it helps the restaurant maintain the current pool of employees, a crucial aspect to keep ahead of the competition.

Customer Enjoys the Experience with Robot Waiter

"It's my first time encountering a robot waiter in a restaurant, and I find it adorable. The robot waiter avoids my leg just like a real human waiter. I had a great experience with both human and robot waiters serving me," said Sugar, a customer of Tim Ho Wan.

Ourglass Robotics Knows It All

"William created a group chat so that his team can address any technical problems with the waiter robots at the soonest. The support given is professional and responsive, answering all questions we face. With the team around, we are very confident of rolling out this robotic technology to our other restaurants," said Christopher.

To date, Ourglass Robotics has deployed over 100 waiter robots across restaurants in Singapore. Schedule a demo with us now to see for yourself how you can resolve challenges similar to Tim Ho Wan's.

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