Autonomous Cleaning Robot 75

Autonomous Cleaning Robot 75

Ultimate Performance

It is no surprise that floor corners and edges are the most neglected areas when it comes to cleaning. 


The ECOBOT Scrub75 is arguably the first ever cleaning robot to put a stop to incomplete cleaning once and for all. With our revolutionary Turnadotechnology and offset brush head design, no corner or edge will ever be lonely again.


Clinical Efficiency

We know what our clients want - consistent, high quality cleaning delivered in the most efficient and productive way. 


The ECOBOT Scrub75 is designed to operate continuously for six hours on a single power charge and tank of water thanks to our state-of-the-art four stage filtering system that ensures clear recycled water for that spotless clean.


Engineered Simplicity

There is nothing like cutting-edge technology made simple. Designed with the input from operators of cleaning service providers with more than 100 combined years of operational experience, our user-friendly tablet interface caters to cleaning operators from diverse educational backgrounds of all levels and age-groups.


Autonomous Intelligence 

The best hardware is only as good as its brains. With state-of-the-art hardware and patented software programming in Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), the ECOBOT Scrub75 is engineered by the best robotics engineers in the world to know precisely where it has cleaned and where it needs to clean.


Highlight Features

  • Corner & Edge-to-Edge Cleaning
  • 6 hours Li-ion Battery
  • 4-stage Water Filtration
  • Alert & Report Interface
  • Class-leading Speed & Coverage Area


Local Customers

Changi Airport




PSG Grant Approved 

Up to 70% Funding, approve within 4 weeks!