Bellabot - Cute Robot Cat

Bellabot - Cute Robot Cat

Bellabot is a new model from Pudu

The new bettery exchange feature will allow 24/7 operation, this model is relying on multiple sensors which can sense all directions, 3D obstacle avoidances will increase the safety of the robot.


Bellabot can sense as low as 2cm, and detection frequency is as high as 5400 times per minute.

Newly built in AI module will enable the robot to "speak" which ads in more fun factors to the dinning experience.



Size                 516x537x1290mm

Weight             59kg

Material            ABS/Aerospace Grade Aluminium

Chargin Time    4 Hours

Durability          24/7 (battery exchangeable)

Speed              0.5-1.2m/s

Payload           10kg/tray