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HolaBot - Plate Return Robot

HolaBot - Plate Return Robot

HolaBot is a plate/tray return robot. It speeds up table clearing and reduces waiters' workload by sending the dirty plates back to the kitchen. HolaBot is Pudu's first multi-scenarios collection robot, usable across industries such as F&B, Medical, General Business, Industrial, and more. Equipped with high volume, high carrying capacity, paging function, gesture recognition and voice control module, HolaBot helps boost the table turnaround in restaurants.


Designed with safety intelligence, HolaBot responds to tasks quickly and responds to waiters through paging. Delivery tasks can be issued to the robot from a watch as the robot is on "on-call" mode all the time. It detects obstacles accurately and avoids them automatically. HolaBot can identify the location of a human calling out "Hola Hola", and send the empty plates over, facilitating dish collection and table clearance. Dishes can also be returned by pressing the button or motioning it across the head sensor from a distance. Not just that, it responds to the multiple requests in sequence and heads towards the dishwashing room.


HolaBot is a powerful collection robot, supporting up to 60kg of load, quadrupling the efficiency of a human waiter. The 3D obstacle avoidance sensor consists of the RBGD camera, lader radar, infrared camera for visual positioning, and independent suspension system, ensuring steady delivery. With its 4 trays and IPX5 waterproof cabin with spill-resistant, HolaBot is the best robot to assist human waiters with repetitive tasks.



Size: 534x533x1207mm

Weight: 48kg

Material: ABS/Aerospace Grade Aluminium

Chargin Time: 4 Hours

Durability: 24/7 (battery exchangeable)

Speed: 0.5-1.2m/s

Payload: 20kg/tray        

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