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Puductor II - Disinfection UVC+Fogging

Puductor II - Disinfection UVC+Fogging

Puductor II is an intelligent UV-C and ultrasonic dry mist disinfection robot. COVID-19 is transforming our way of life. For the near future, contactless operations will be critical. Puductor II's genuine non-contact functions reduce the risks of cross-contamination and enhance the sanitary condition of indoor environments, helping to combat the pandemic's negative effects.


Puductor II is fitted with a strong Ultrasonic Dry Mist Disinfection system that disinfects thoroughly. With an adjustable atomisation rate, it has four spray nozzles that can atomise up to 2L/h. It can store up to 15 litres of disinfectant solution, reducing the need for frequent refills. When the liquid level in the ultrasonic chamber falls below the safety level, the ultrasonic frequency automatically switches off. There is a real-time liquid level protector in the solution tank that reminds people that the liquid level is low and needs to be replenished.


Built with strong Ultraviolet C Disinfection Illuminance with 360° sterilisation, it is highly effective against most bacteria and viruses with a 99.99% disinfection rate. Besides, it's equipped with an industry-leading ultraviolet illumination 4 x 36w ozone-free UV lamp. The Ultrasonic Dry Mist Disinfection is extremely effective against COVID-19, with 10m dry disinfectant particles that ensure complete disinfection interaction with microorganisms.


Puductor II is equipped with two batteries. The overall battery capacity is 51.2Ah, which allows for a cumulative disinfection period of up to 6 hours and can disinfect 12-15 rooms (20/room).

It can move freely in a 10,000m² area with a detection range of up to 40m and a real-time positioning error of less than 10cm using an automatic localisation and navigation system with Laser SLAM Self-Driving Solution. 3D obstacle avoidance using an INTEL® REALSENSE™ RGBD camera for a powerful perception 3D vision of the environment; it can accurately identify obstacles and stop in less than half a second.


Direct access to the management platform allows for robot operation, task management, and work report printing from a remote terminal. Work reports are produced automatically and display the disinfection status of target areas.


The Puductor II is the best fit for healthcare facilities, government departments, offices, campuses, airports, transportation centres, movie theatres, arcades and more.



Machine Dimension: 544x538x1290mm
Machine Weight: 60kg
Battery Capacity: 51.2Ah
Reservoir Capacity: 15L
Atomization Rate: 4 levels(adjustable)
Irradiation Intensity at 1 meter distance: 180 μW/cm², UV-C(254nm)
Disinfection Time Max: 6H (Replaceable Battery)
Cruise Speed: 0.1-1.2m/s (Adjustable)
Disinfectant Solution: Hydrogen Peroxide(H2 O2), Hypochlorous Acid(HClO) , Chlorine Dioxide(ClO2), etc.
Max Climbing Angle: 5°

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