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KettyBot - For Narrow Walkway

KettyBot - For Narrow Walkway

2-in-1 Customer Service and Food Delivery Robot


Smart and savvy, KettyBot welcomes customers with its AI-powered friendly voice and intriguing facial expressions. At the reception area, KettyBot acts as a customer service staff, automatically greeting passerbys once it detects a potential customer. Kettybot comes with an inbuilt advertising screen for you to showcase the latest foods, beverages, and promotions.


Other than that, KettyBot can also help arrange queue numbers from both online and offline bookings, ensuring all customers are taken care of. The intelligent robot prints queue tickets and calls on the queue number once it's a customer's turn. After freeing up at the reception area, KettyBot doubles as a robot waiter, delivering food from the kitchen to the customers' table and bringing empty plates back to the kitchen.


Lightweight and efficient, KettyBot is designed minimalistically with a compact and forward-learning C-shaped body, with the flexibility to get through any passage that is 55cm and broader; most suited for crowded restaurants with more complicated layouts. 



Overall size: 460*440*1120mm
Total Weight: 35kg
Maximum load: 30kg
Battery life: 7x24h
Charging time: 4.5h
Passability: ≥55cm
Running speed: Max 1.2m/s
Advertising screen size: 18.5 inch
AI speech: Brand-new 360 voice interaction technology, customisable speech for broadcasting; echo cancellation, noise suppression, and reverberation. 
*Trays can be detached from the KettyBot when not in use


When the battery is low, there will be a voice announcement and reminder on the screen, and KettyBot automatically returns to the charging station to charge without bothering humans.  

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