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PuduBot - Flagship Delivery Robot

PuduBot - Flagship Delivery Robot

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PuduBot, the flagship robot of PUDU, delivers food from the kitchen to customers tables intelligently. Begin the food delivery by placing dishes on the robot trays and enter a table number. The smart robot identifies any obstacles coming its way and avoids them, providing you peace of mind. Designed with customers’ safety in mind, the waiter robot stabilises itself even after an emergency brake, completing the food delivery safely and securely.


The deployment of PuduBot waiter robot does not affect the restaurant’s usual opening hours. It only requires as short as 2 hours for mapping and operations. In addition, key functions such as the auto-charge, remote fault recovery and automatic software upgrade save restaurant owners time from maintaining the robots.


The multi-sensor fusion positioning and navigation technology (based on VSLAM, LiDAR, visual sensor, UWB, IMU, encoder, infrared and ultrasonic sensors, etc.) empower PuduBot to move around the restaurant accurately. PuduBot’s autonomous locomotion ability includes cm-level positioning, accurate map creation, agile obstacle avoidance and optimised path planning. Its revolutionary 3D obstacle avoidance technology facilitates quick visualisation and safer delivery.


The trays are slotted into the inclined frame. This design guarantees that the gravity centre of the robot will always be at the top of the chassis so that it does not tumble forward or backwards when bumped onto other objects. The anti-slip mats on the trays create friction, preventing dishes from sliding or falling.



Machine Dimension: 516*500*1288mm
Box Dimension: 422*422*710mm
Robot Weight: PD1 35kg/PD6 40kg
Machine Material: ABS/Aviation-grade aluminium alloy
Charging Time: 4 H
Battery Life: 10-24 H
Cruise Speed: 0.5-1.2m/s (Adjustable)
Load Capacity: PD1 13kg/tray, PD6 10kg/tray; Max 30kg

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