Venue: Straits Chinese Esplanade (Only 20 spots available)

Date: 14 December 2021

Time: 12pm to 2pm

Dine and Discover
Waiter Robots









Welcome to our first customer showcase event, live at the Straits Chinese! Sit back and enjoy the scrumptious spread of Nonya delicacies.



12:00pm: Registration


12:15pm: Dine and Discover Waiter Robots​


1:45pm: Frequently Asked Questions

*Write down any questions you have on the notepad

Customer Success: Straits Chinese​

Early this year, the Straits Chinese approached us through our Instagram and shared with us about their manpower challenges caused by the borders restriction in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Staff were leaving because of the unpredictable pandemic situation and they had to let go of some staff because of the inconsistent dine-in limitations. They face difficulties in employing locals due to the higher salary expectations and request for short working hours. Unable to fill in servers on time, the Straits Chinese came to us for a solution. 

How We Helped

We introduced PuduBot, the very first Waiter Robot we brought into Singapore's F&B scene. PuduBot delivers food from the kitchen to customers tables intelligently. It also identifies any obstacles coming its way and avoids them. Working hand-in-hand with existing servers, it saves existing servers time and energy from going in and out of the kitchen repetitively. 

Besides PuduBot, we also recommended HolaBot, a plate/tray return robot that helps to send dirty plates/trays back to the washing area, saving one manpower from handling this area of work.


The Straits Chinese is still in the midst of training their servers to work alongside the waiter robots to meet the maximum capacity. To date, they have seen improvements in terms of productivity and most essentially, resolving manpower challenges. 


What's more, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, we will be donating one laptop to a kid from a needy family under SGBono for every waiter robot purchased during the event.

SGBobo is a group of volunteers in Singapore, comprising engineers, IT experts, power users, enthusiasts. Their vision is to give back to society, by providing 100%-free help to LOW-INCOME families in solving their IT, communications issues.

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