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A look into Sum Kee Food's Robot Waiters

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Last weekend, Ourglass Robotics took a visit to Sum Kee Food at Taman Jurong, where our flagship Pudubot Delivery Robot is lending them a hand in their service operations.

Sum Kee Food is a cozy fully air-conditioned restaurant that serves your delicious dim sum, seafood and other "zi char" dishes such as their popular Ultraman Chicken (咸蛋超人鸡) and Curry Fish Head (咖哩鱼头).

With a large seating capacity and table space, the traditional restaurant is the go-to place for a nice family meal or an afternoon tea break.

But with so many customers to serve, how does such a big restaurant all their customers happy? the answer is with the help of our Robot Waiters!

So we had the opportunity to interview one of the owners, CM Sum, and here’s what he has to say about our bot!

1. Multiple Layers allow Safer and Larger Delivery Volume

"The efficiency of this Robot is that we have a few layers, whereby you can put food that is hot or cold regardless if it's small or big. Sometimes service staff would try to put too many things on their hands at once, and there is a risk of dropping" - CM Sum

PuduBot has 4 full-sized trays, it delivers at a pace that's smooth & steady which helps restaurants like Sum Kee to bring food to customer's tables fast and safely.

2. Reduced Walking Distance

"Can you imagine walking up and down our restaurant the whole day? It makes our staff very busy and tired. In many ways, this is an extra helping hand to help our staff" - CM Sum

PuduBot is customized to the floorplan of a restaurant, so it is able to travel directly to assigned tables with just the click of a button.

3. Improved Customer Service

"While the robot is coming, the waiter / waitress will be able to talk and interact with the customer, asking them questions like 'What is the best thing on the menu?'" - CM Sum

Check out the full video below:

We’re so delighted to see how our Pudubot has been effective in improving and solving manpower issue for F&B businesses, are you interested in improving yours? Contact us to arrange a free trial and learn more about the services we provide!


Visit Sum Kee Food at 19 Yung Ho Rd, Singapore 618592.

Weekdays 11am~230pm and 5 - 930pm / Weekends 8am~3pm and 5~9.30pm.

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