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Modern meets Tradition at Spring Court Restaurant

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Spring Court is Singapore's oldest family-run restaurant, established in 1929 at the Great World Park. It is also one of the restaurants that has adopted our flagship PuduBot Delivery Robot to assist in their daily operations!

Spring Court is definitely not a small restaurant, it is an impressive 650-seater and 4-storey restaurant building. This means that the service staff has to cover quite a distance everyday to serve the customers. Coupled with the rising manpower shortage, this is exactly why our waiter robots are the perfect solution to their problems.


“We have to keep up with the latest technology, using waiter robots has helped us a lot as it delivers food safely at a large volume and reduces the walking distance for our service staff,” said Soon Puay Keow, Managing Director of Spring Court.

With the robot moving at a fixed speed, it also delivers food faster.

“Customers like us, do not have to wait too long for food with the help of waiter robots,” says a loyal customer of Spring Court.


Mdm Soon adds that the waiter robots compliments their customer service, as service staff can focus on interacting and attending to customers.

Hui Lan, a service staff at Spring Court for 8 years shares, ”Having a waiter robot is similar to having extra manpower, enabling our staff to perform more effectively. We are able to serve customers’ requests better whenever they need it. “


For a robot that’s moving around a restaurant filled with customers, safety is an understandable concern. Ourglass Robotics places safety as the utmost priority, having a professional team and a trusted product.

“The waiter robots are very smart as we have manually configured them to our restaurant setting. If you walk past the robot, they will give way,” said Mdm Soon.

It's a spectacle to see how our robots fit with the interior of the restaurant, almost a perfect harmony of modernity blending in with tradition.

Check out the full video below:

Are you interested in having a waiter robot for your restaurant? Contact us to arrange a free trial and learn more about the services we provide.


Visit Spring Court at 52-56 Upper Cross St, Singapore 058348.

Monday to Thursday 11am~2.30pm and 6pm~10.00pm / Friday to Sunday 11am~2.30pm and 5.30pm~10.00pm

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