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Robots at the Cabana

Updated: Apr 29

Serving the guests at the Singapore Swimming Club (SSC), is the Cabana, an outdoor family-friendly alfresco that serves a wide variety of delicious cuisines.

The Cabana is a huge restaurant, with a seating capacity that easily accommodates for over 200 guests. They also have an indoor kitchen at The Palms restaurant which is a 100 metres walk away.

Take 100m and multiply it by the numerous trips the service staff have to make - it is expected that the service staff would have to walk quite a lot around the restaurant and to the indoor kitchen.

This is why they have adopted 2 of our friendly kittens - The Bella Robot Waiter. We took the chance to visit the restaurant, and speak to stewarding manager Michael Vincent.


“We face a manpower crunch during the COVID-19 pandemic, it affects our service delivery and customer wait time. Now with the BellaBot, our staff can focus on serving the customers while the robot waiters go pick the food from the kitchen," said Michael.

He also compliments that Ourglass Robotics is doing a magnificent job and the service robots are working quite well. They know the routes and go to the destination stations as "instructed" by servers through the touch screen.


"is the best idea to bring some innovative way of transferring your goods from one kitchen to another, and robotic systems is good to act on behalf" says one of the members at The Singapore Swimming Club who feels satisfied with the service at the Cabana. e

Check out the full video below:


Visit Cabana at 45 Tg Rhu Rd, Singapore 436899

Thursday to Saturday: 5pm to 9.30pm | Sunday and Public Holidays: 11am to 4pm |

Monday to Wednesday: Closed

*Only open to Singapore Swimming Club members

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